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Daniel B. "Dan" Meador The Multi-Etude Collection

Published by Alfred Publishing

You can purchase the book through any retailer who sells from Alfred Publishing, or directly from Dan here.

This work was composed by Dan and was created to be a beginning solo book with numerous performance options.  The accompaniment CD contains exciting parts that can be used in performance.
For times when live accompaniment is preferred, some of the works in the collection were designed to be performed in multiple situations including soloing with piano accompaniment or even as a solo with a live percussion ensemble.  If you are looking for the accompaniment parts, you have come to the right place! Be careful to select the music option you are looking for. 

*Piano accompaniment parts are designed for performance as soloist and piano only.
*Various other instrumentation would be listed under each titles heading.
*All music will be emailed in a locked, one print only, pdf file.

Click here to get the accompaniment files.