Intermediate Materials (grade 2 to 3)

Materials classified as intermediate are for performers who are beyond beginning level, or are ready for solo's that require more time and/or skills to prepare.

The Kitchen Sink Method for Percussion

This work is an innovative method created to train the beginning percussionist. (142 pages) $25.00 on sale for
$20.00 (grade 1-2.5)

Musings of a Rainy Day

Musings, is a beginning marimba solo for 4 mallets. This composition blends easier mallet positions with highly musical material to create a great first 4 mallet piece. (grade 2) $7.50


Closer is a beginning marimba solo for 4 mallets. This chorale will give any performer a chance to show off phrasing and musicianship. (grade 2) $7.50


The Penguin's Waltz

This work has the option to be played with 2 or 3 mallets. Playing with 2 mallets will add a level of difficulty.
(grade 2 - 2.5) $7.50

Kettle Fantasy

Kettle Fantasy is a four movement suite for two timpani. (grade 2.5) $9.00

Stayin Up Late in 7/8

Stayin Up Late in 7/8 is an intermediate creation for percussion ensemble designed to be a first study in the 7/8...   (grade 2) $9.95

Element 99

Coming Soon (Int. 4 mallet marimba solo)

Intermediate Etudes for Snare Drum

This collection of 10 etudes is an intermediate to advance collection of studies for snare drum similar to Delecluse etudes. Focusing on musical... (grade 2-3) $9.95

More coming soon...