Stayin Up Late in 7/8

Stayin Up Late in 7/8 is an intermediate creation for percussion ensemble designed to be a first study in the 7/8...   (grade 2) $9.95

Audio Hearology

Audio Hearology is a 20th century style work for a beginning percussion ensemble. It is created for beginning ... (grade 1.5) $9.95







Intermediate Etudes for Snare Drum

This collection of 10 etudes is an intermediate to advance collection of studies for snare drum similar to Delecluse etudes. Focusing on musical... (grade 2-3) $9.95

The Penguin's Waltz

This work has the option to be played with 2 or 3 mallets. Playing with 2 mallets will add a level of difficulty.
(grade 2 - 2.5) $7.50






Other Materials You Might Enjoy!

The Kitchen Sink Method for Percussion

This work is an innovative method created to train the beginning percussionist. (142 pages) $25.00 on sale for
$20.00 (grade 1-3)

Musings of a Rainy Day

Musings, is a beginning marimba solo for 4 mallets. This composition blends easier mallet positions with highly musical material to create a great first 4 mallet piece. (grade 2) $7.50


Closer is a beginning marimba solo for 4 mallets. This chorale will give any performer a chance to show off phrasing and musicianship. (grade 2) $7.50


Rhythmically Oppressed

This work is a highly advanced duet for multi-percussion and piano. It is a great work for an advanced grad or professional recital. (grade 5+) 30.00